How to Butcher A Deer How to Butcher A Deer

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How to Butcher A Deer

Date   July 12th 2015

Time 10am-1 pm

Cost   $135.00

Lunch Included


Course Description  


     With its mix of legends and half-truths, the mystique surrounding deer hunting can bring a bit of  confusion to deer processing.  To overcome that challenge, we could start with a quote from a great outdoorsman and wonderful camp cook, Rex Price from Rexburg Idaho.  His words go as follows, “Treat a deer like a choice steer and you will come up with choice meat.” This class will start with the skinning of a chilled deer carcass and go on to the processing into various choice cuts and sausage.  These days the majority of hunters seem to want just the backstraps, deerburger, sausages and jerkey. While participants in this class will learn about these common cuts,  there will be more.   They will learn some of the other cuts that are not always thought of as options, such as shanks and shoulder roasts for braising, lollypop and loin chops for grilling and a range of bones to make a great game stock or bone broth.  Most importantly, as participants, you will learn how to take care of your hard-earned prize from start to finish. The class will duplicate the conditions involved in processing a deer at home. It will require little in the way of special equipment: a boning knife, a hand-meats saw or a reciprocating  saw, and either a food processor or a small tabletop grinder.  As with wild hog processing, you don’t always have time to do all the processing yourself.  But you will learn a good bit about the most important part: How to take care of processing from the beginning which sets the tone for putting  some choice cuts of deer into your freezer. 


     Basic butchery is not rocket science.  Going back a few generations, proper knowledge of how to butcher your own meat at home was at just about everyone’s fingertips.  Time doesn’t always allow us the luxury of doing things like this ourselves, but the more we understand them the better we are at using these resources to our best advantage.



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