The Process

To Our Customers,

Custom processing starts at the initial phone call for scheduling.  We will schedule you at the earliest possible appointment based on opening and geographical location.  Our first typical appointment is no later than 7am.  During the summer months and 8am during the winter months.  Once you have been put on the schedule, our truck comes to you to slaughter the animal.  Be sure to know exactly which animal you would like slaughtered and have them already in the smallest pen possible that our truck can access, to eliminate stress on the animal and the butcher.  Be prepared for some minor clean up once the animal is down, there will be blood left behind.  Make sure to inform the ranch butcher if you'd like to keep any of the organs, head or tail.  We will be quick and diligent when we arrive.   Now is the time to clean out your freezer and make room for your next harvest.

Our truck then delivers to our plant, where the carcass gets skinned.  Once the animal is skinned, it will be put into a refrigerated box until again is done.  Aging is as much as an art as it is science; we watch every carcass to make sure it gets optimal benefits from the dry aging.  Not all animals hang the same the amount of time; an animal with light amounts of fat cover will be ready to cut before an animal with a heavy fat cover.  Different species require different hanging times.   Additional hang time can cause excessive age, and is of no real benefit to you.  It will also require us to trim much more.   Therefore, we do charge extra for above average hang times.

Instructions are very important for us to have.  We prefer to have these instructions within 2 days after slaughter for beef and the next day for hogs, lambs and goats.  We want to give you, the customer, the best possible age for your meat.  To do that, we need your instructions to schedule it in the right day.  Your carcass moves through several coolers in the aging process and to keep from letting it get left behind, aging too long, or creating additional work for the butcher.  It is best for us to have them.  

Your beef will not have a weight until the week that we cut it.  When this old plant was built, they did not install a high rail scale and we could not possible store all of the carcasses in our low rail box, so please be patient, as soon as we have the weight we would be more than happy to call you with it, at your request.

When taking your instructions, our butchers will go through the cut sheet, cut by cut to give you your options.  This is the time that we will need to know which cuts you will want, as well as the thickness and package size.  Some of the cuts are ideal to package 1 person in the family, and others like the filet, may want to be packaged 2 to the pack for Mom & Dad.  We are pleased to give recommendations, so ask for cooking ideas if you are not sure if there are particular cuts that you can use.   It is also important (if you are splitting a carcass with other people), that you specify what name it will be under, and that your partner(s) knows the name when they pick it up.

After the aging process, your carcass will be cut, wrapped, labeled, boxed and put into the freezer until the time of pickup.  After your paperwork goes to the billing department, you will be notified it's time to pick up your order.  We have limited space in our freezer do to the volume of animals we process, so picking up in a timely manner is much appreciated. (Within 1 week of your notification.)

When picking up:

Tuesday-Friday pickups will be at the front of the store.

Saturday pickups will come out from the side of the building.  (Note: Saturday is one of the busiest days and may take a little extra time to get it pulled and brought to your car.

Also note, that if you have not requested to split your animal at the time of the instructions, we will be unable to split it after the cut date.  Due to health and safety hazards, you may not split or go through your boxes in our store.  Any and all sorting should be done in our side parking lot.

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