Custom Ranch Slaughter

Cut and Wrap

Read about our process before making your order

Vacuum Sealing Meat:
Beef: Call for Pricing (Vacuum Sealed) 

chase's chop shop custom order form for ranch slaughter

Additional products offered at an additional charge:

Beef Snack Stick - We take your beef and make a great snack.  Packed 8-10 sticks per pack, with your choice of pepper stick or teriyaki.

Patties - Our patties are offered in plain, seasoned, jalapeno cheddar, bacon cheddar, southwestern jack, mushroom Swiss or blue cheese.

Sausage - All beef smoked hot link, or we can blend it with pork to make German, Swiss, Swiss Italian, Italian Swiss or chorizo.

Taco Mix - We blend your beef with our taco seasoning to make it easy for a quick meal.

Jerky - With the choice of pepper or teriyaki.

Dog Food: Don't forget about man's best friend.  We take heart, liver, ground beef, carrots and broccoli.  Pack high in protein pack in 1# chubs. 

Pork:  Call for Pricing (Vacuum Sealed) 

Additional products offered at an additional charge:

Fresh pork sausage commercial blends - Mild Italian, Sweet Italian or Spicy Italian.

Chase's Own Recipes:

Sicilian, Apple Pork, Calabrese, Country Links, Cranberry Pecan, Hawaiian, Hot Link, Irish Bangers, Jalapeno Cheddar, Jim's Italian, JT's Southern Style, Maple Links, Spicy Parmesan, Sweet Chipotle or Tropical Teriyaki.  All Hogs subject to $100.00 Minimum Cut & Wrap charge.
Lamb & Goat:  Vacuum Sealed (Call For Pricing) 

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