Hunters Only

For Receiving Wild Game During California Deer Hunting Season
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00am - 5:30pm  Saturday 10am-4pm                                                          After Hours Recieving:  (559) 674-6247 ext. 102  $20.00 fee applies 

Hunters must have your Tag, Hunting License, and Drivers License with you at time of delivery or you will be turned away.

Processing Fees

Wild Hog

$100.00 at time of delivery. Covers up to 100 pounds of General Butchery

Deer, Elk, Antelope, Moose, Bison

$100 at Time of delivery Covers up to 100 pounds of General Butchery


$150 at time of delivery Covers up to 100 pounds of General Butchery

Deposit due at time of Drop-off
Deposit covers carcass up to 100 lbs
Additional $1.00 per pound over 100 lbs.

Wild Hog




Bear $100

Additional Costs
Custom Linked Sausages
***Normal spice sets are $2.87 per pound, any Chase's Custom Blends are $3.87 per pound.***
(Snack sticks, jerky, summer sausage and salami are not priced the same as sausages.)
Apple Pork Bratwurst
Calabrese Chorizo
Country Sausage Links German
Hot Italian Hotlink
Jalapeno Cheddar Jim's Italian
JT's Southern Style Maple Breakfast
Mild Italian Sicilian
Swiss Italian Sweet Italian

Snack Sticks

Jalapeno Cheddar



Bacon Ham
Salami Summer Sausage


Pepper Teriyaki

Many Other Choices Available
Balance due at time of pick-up.
After Hours Drop Off Subject to a $20 min. Charge, Appointments will be charged $5 per 15 minutes late.

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